Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to attract MEN- Secrets that Women should know.

Tips in how to attract Men
Attracting men is the most exciting part of being a women. You have to practice the best flirting tips that you can as you can. As a women, I really love being a women. I can do all things in life that I enjoy especially if your single and ready to mingle.

Here are the tips that you can attract the man that you really want to be with.

  1. Be the Most Confident Woman in the world.- Even if you cwith your posture. Stand up straight because having a great posture will not only give you confidence but it will also look you slim.
  2. Start looking Great- Find a trendy and classy dress that will fit you. Believe me, Men love women who dress up  because it shows your total feminine side and being
  3. Less is More- Try to put a little make up only. Remember that Less is more. But it doesn't mean that you don't have to put make up. Please try to put some make up, if you don't wear any, It will look you pale. Try to balance everything!
  4. Be Happy - Happiness is the key. Everyone would love to be with you, if you are happy and smiling. Smiling is contagious and if you are happy within yourself that Men will not worry in how to make you happy. Don't forget that happiness will bring you to your youth. It lessens wrinkles and will make you look younger. So, I highly suggest that when you wake up in the morning, try to get  a mirror and SMILE!
  5. Don’t hide your sexuality- Every woman should be a woman. Being women is a great thing to be. You will enjoy how beautiful to be a woman. Every Men love to be with a real women who is spontaneous, happy and lovesherself
  6. Be friendly- Smile is the best thing to look inviting. Don't be shy. If you meet a guy that you like then throw a smile. Surely the fire will start burning!
  7. Be humble- Be confident but not overconfident. Try to be humble as much you can but don't try to put down yourself. Remember that you have to balance everything.
  8. Play hard to get but don't over do it. Guys will not like you. There's a saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Don't be available all the time. Try to make him feel that he value you. Make him feel that you are very valuable and precious but before you do that, value yourself first.
  9. Be YOURSELF- Try to be the best of every you. Every things that you do, you should prioritize yourself and don't pretend that you are someone. Love yourself and everyone will love you

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Anonymous said...

attracting men?...ohhh, let dem suffer..harharharharhar....i always want to make dem feel dey dont get all they want all the time...anywayz, nothing beats the old time, 'just be urself at all times'...definitely will attract 'em...

Anonymous said...

Learn to love yourself first and give so much value to your own. How can you love someone if you will not love yourself

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