Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Global Warming

Global warming is what we are experiencing right now and most of us suffered a lot from this catastrophe. Side effects of global warming caused a lot of pain from our fellow countries. Recently, there are strong earthquakes mostly hit in Asia, the draught in Africa, tsunamis in the ocean, a never ending fire that happened in California. All of these that i mentioned is the painful side effects of Global warming that causes us in vain. Good thing here in my place, we haven't yet experienced any disturbing happenings. I mean it is really hot here but at least there are rains to pour, at least I can breathe lols. I still thank God for what he give. Even if it's inevitable but I still believe that if we should really care for our mother nature. We, us the people should start to change and make actions towards in it. We should take care of ourself, give importance to the environment, preserve the mother nature. I hope the jeepneys shoudnt blow too much air that emits carbon monoxide.

Everyday that I go out, vehicles didnt care about the air pollution. I envy other countries who are very strict with emmission test giving permit to those vehicles. Here in the Philippines, they really don't care at all. I mean it's very dangerous to our health if we still allow this thing. I hope our leaders can do something about this. This is one of the serious problem here in our country. There are lot of people who suffered health problems in their lungs because everyday they are exposed to dangerous carbon monoxide that is released in the old jeepneys, cars , motorcycles and other vehicles. I hope someday there will be a change in this. I really want to live in a beautiful and clean country just like any other countries.


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