Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I feel so sad about the news people in Haiti, CHile and now in Turkey about what happened to their country. Catastrophies and Devastating emotions were things affect in their place. I felt depress when the first time I haeard about what happen. What if that incident happened to our country,how would we feel if we were in their place. Terrifying buildings, Dead People, thousands of injured people and homeless fellow citizens. There will be a lot of people starving, crying, and worst died. Hopefully there will be no incident like this, Thank God that there were no tragic things like that happened here in CEbu, my beloved hometown.

I hope that the government should be alarmed and be more prepared. Since our neighboring countries were already experience the catastrophy like Taiwan who just had earthquake last month. Government should be work this out and mostly our fellow filipino citizens should be the one who will initiate. IF we will wait for the gov't to work in this, then it might be late.
I believe that actions and mostly prayers will helps us keep safe and protected from this horrible situations.

miss blogging

hi! I am back again in writing blogs, I wasn't able to write blogs for a while since I am quite busy with my work and some stuffs. I love writing a lot, but i rest for a while since I thought i don't want to write anymore but i was wrong, I just bump in to this site again and realize that I miss this,

What keeps me busy right now? I have involve to a lot of extra activities aside from work. I am very sporty right now, I am interested again in badminton to keep me fit. I also want to learn piano but due to the hectic schedules, I just reschedule my piano lessons probably in May. I am very happy right now, I never thought that I would be in this stage of my life, where I really want to live life to the fullest, full of energy and very ambitious. I love of being me, truly vocal and speaks out what I really want. I want to do a lot of things in my life. I want to enjoy what really life it is.

Thank God, I have this blog to keep my secrets open and shared by people whom I love. It's so funny that I post a lot of secrets here that it happens that this is a blog site where everyone can read what i post. lolz...Anyways, that's okay, sharing is loving lolz. There are lot of thoughts inside my mind that i really want to express but I just can't. I am blogging so that I can release this thought that in my mind and eventually helps me release my stress.

Blogging is one way of releasing my stress and emotions that I feel. I don't care if what people would react about my page, but this is what I want. Revealing my thoughts here in blogs. If you want to share any things that you may have in mind, kindly connect to my blogspot. I will bevery happy to connect with you. If we share some values and opinions then that would be great!

I love writing, talkin, reading and many more. Enjoyingl life is the best thing that I can share with my family, friends and loveone's. Hope to write more blogs.
I love ca


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