Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to ScHOOL!

Whoa! I had a great weekend this week. Last Saturday, it was my first time going back to school, after graduating last 2006, this is my first time again in going back to study but for this time, it's just a short course only but it's very interesting since I am enrolled in Web Development Class, where I can learn the basic HTML, CSS and also some scripting language like javascript. Cool!At first I got intimated not just the lesson but got intimated by my classmates too since two of them are graphic designers so I thought they have more edge since they were already exposed in Web Industry but I was wrong, they said that they really don't have any idea that's why they enrolled the subject so it can add up value to their experience. Thank god, I have relieved! so it won't be ashame with my part that I am just not the only one who experienced the "cold feet".

I really don't have any idea about mark up languages, programming and all about web development but I find it very interesting so i got the backbone in enrolling this class. I wanted to add my skills in computer especially in web world. I love designing, creations, visual presentations and web applications. Right now, I am practicing HTML using text editor such as notepad and MS frontpage, it was great! I am planning if I master the frontpage, I am trying to use the DREAMWEAVER which is great software too using as a text editor. I thought it was so difficult and hard to learn especially for a beginner like me , who really don't have any clue what I was actually doing but later on, I am improving and I really believe that there is no difficult thing if you really love what you're doing, just don't be lazy and be motivated to explore whatever you can do.

My instructor was fabulous! I didn't expect that he was so good and amazingly skilled with the subject. He isn't just a good teacher but a great adviser too. He was right that there are no dumb people at all, it's just that they just have to learn their passion where they are interested too. I heard a lot of students are complaining how hard, how difficult programming is when all you have to do, is just to explore the resources, study hard, and do not be lazy! If you love what you're doing, then there's no reason to fail since you're very interested and motivated to learn the subject. We need to grow and part of growing up is to grow your mind. Do not stop learning, in IT INDUSTRY, it's unlimited learning experience. Every year the IT industry are updating the software. You have to catch up and be updated what's the latest too and tha't s the reason why I find IT so interesting, challenging and FUN! Although, I admit that I am only interested in WEB DEVELOPMENT and WEB DESIGNING but who knows with my teachers advice, I might opted to love PROGRAMMING! lolz.

As of the moment, I am focusing my career in WEB, I love it and I love what I am doing. Thanks with my current company INFORMATICS since they are the one who motivated me to continue my learning experience. Happy reading with my blogs,! See yah next time

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to build Self Confidence

Confidence, isn't it easy to develop? I find a lot of people has confidence skills in their own. Different strategies with different techniques, but isn't it easy to master the great confidence. I still find that most people are having a hard time to develop their confidence. They don't even know how to interact to other people who might be a good prospect for meeting and keeping friends and most finding their perfect partner in life.

Shyness, fear of rejection, not good conversationalist are the barriers in getting the great self confidence. We know the lines "Practice makes perfect! Practice everyday in talking to someone who are not your interest, or people whose not your close, someone who you just met with, or people you won't probably meet again so that you won't have a hard deal in talking to someone who are you most interested with. Interacting with another person will help you gain confidence and it even help you feels good about yourself.

Confidence helps you to be more positive and giving you trust within yourself. Helps you feels good and helps you know more about yourself. What you want to do or don't want to do in your life. Confidence also broaden your perspective in life, add more friends, great career and even help you find your perfect soulmate for life. If you're not confident how will you draw people to be in to you, you won't create long lasting attraction. I myself, trying my best to be the most confident girl in town. I admit it, when I was in college, I am timid, shy and very afraid of rejection but later I realize if i kept doing this habitual negative shyness, then how will I grow. I wanted to be mature in any aspects of life, I wanted to enjoy life as much as I can, I wanted to be the best person I could ever be, the best girlfriend, the best daughter even the best friend I could ever be. I wanted to be ME! and I was never wrong, practicing self confidence everyday by talking, interacting, complementing other people helps me feel so good about myself. I am doing again for myself and loving myself is the best gift I could ever give to myself.
I wanted to do a lot of things in my life by achieving my goals everyday. By means of writing, I can express who really I am.

Aside from building self confidence, I am putting much more attention in giving a high self-esteem. Giving value and respect yourself is a worth winning prize you could offer to your friends, family and special someone. I wanted to share this blog so that everybody will be aware what confidence and self-esteem means. I highly appreciated people who has great skills in building great confidence and amazing self-esteem. If other's can do it then why can't I, so start today in building your long lasting confidence and extremely high self-esteem. Building great personality is the best thing you will ever have in knowing who you really are!. Start loving yourself! Happy reading with my blogs!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Listening Music and Writing

Right now, I am listening to music to relieve my stress from work. Listening to music has a lot of benefits, it lets you unwind and free your mind from negative thinking. Aside from that, it refreshes your feelings from bad to good. I think aside from laughter, listening to music is another thing that cures diseases. It feels great when you listen to the music, it soothes and relax your muscles , cells and tissues.

Anxiety is another form of mental health problem which good music listening can help to ease this problem. When you listen to music, your fears and anxiety will be fade away since your mind will be calm down from all the negative mental problems. Good music helps control your breathing and heart rate. Poor breathing leads to a lot of lung problem s such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, common colds, respiratory illness and etc. I have read an article that good breathing helps your mind works and improves your intelligence. I highly suggest aside from listening to music, try doing yoga or immersing yourself in sports to exercise your body everyday.

I also love blogging or writing, since I can exercise not just my hands but my mind, writing helps me a lot to relieve my stress too. I know I am not really good in writing that much but I am doing this for myself, it really makes me happy when I have one blog to write for a day, it feels an achievement for me. I think writing is one of my passion. I just found out this month that i have a skills in writing so why give a chance to develop this skills of mine through blogging and blogging everyday. The more articles you write, the more effective writer you will be in the future. One of my dreams is that one day I can have my own pace to write in the newspaper lolz.. but its just a dream but who knows, I will be a writer someday.

I consider myself that starting today I am a writer in my own. I have what it takes and having a passion in writing is the best thing I can have in my life. I am 24 yet, I have a lots of dreams and ambitions to make. I am hoping everyday to develop my greatest passions. I mean i have lots of desires not just writing but also reading. I wanted to develop an addiction to reading!! but i only choose to read topics that I am interested of, what's the purpose in reading if your not interested with the topic eventually you will just forget what you have read.

I strongly suggest that you have to develop your greatest passion. Having a passion is the best thing you will have to live in this world. You will know yourself more, you know what you want and what you don't want. It takes a lot of improvement to your personality. It gives you high self esteem and great confidence. It makes you a worthy person. Start to look your own passion and develop it. You will know it if you try it for yourself! Believe me, you will discover a lot of things in yourself that you didn't know before. I myself have tried it, and I was amazed that I found out that I have the skills and it really adds to my confidence. It feels great if you have confidence in yourself, you can give more value to yourself and you will love yourself more. So don't waste a minute to develop your passion in life. Start now. Happy Reading to my blogs! I will write more and more!!so check it out!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Healthy Life,Healthy ME

What a rainy day outside, it's so cold and it's been a few days that the rain won't stop. I feel like chilling lolz, but what I want to share right now, is a few tips on how to become SEXY. Before I weight 125 pounds something but now I am just weighing 110 pounds, too bad but I am happy right now since I got the figure that I am longing for.

I started last year when I noticed that I was so chubby to the extent that I can no longer use my clothings anymore since I was so fat. I decided to stop eating sugary foods, oily and delicious foods. I wanted to change my outlook when it comes to FOODS. Even if I really don't like vegies so much but I started to eat that thing since I don't have any choice lolz. Everytime, I went to grocery, I'll make it sure that I bought some fruits, fish and vegies. I started to drink plenty of water for hydration and of course EXERCISE!! After a long run doing those habitual stuffs, it turns out to a new me.

I decided to stick on being a healthy living means heathy me! I am so happy with what I have right now, because for me what you eat is who you are! Avoid smoking too! there's no room for smoker people it just causes a lot of side effects because your inhaling toxins, a dangerous toxins inside your body. Smoking causes aging, heart failures, lung problems, alzheimers disease, memory problems, skin aging, cancer, tumor, infertility and many moreeeeeee..
See what side effects of smoking will lead you if you keep on doing that scary vise.

Smoking can wreck your lungs causes to reduce oxygen available to your muscles used for your sports. I love sports even if I am not really good in sports but I enjoyed playing badminton, swimming, pingpong and more. I even love dancing even if I am not good in dancing. I feel pain for those smokers who can't stop that thing since they are used to that. But what matters is, love yourself and prioritize yourself. How can you love yourself if you won't take care of your health. First of all, you should take care of your body and health. This is very important because as we all know health is wealth. I can't really see any benefits from smoking aside from suffering too many diseases , it even help you to die earlier. Save yourself now and start a new life. QUit SMOKING!! A friendly reminder from me but i respect other people who can't accept my advices, I am just suggesting the better ways to take care of yourself and the last decision will still rely on your hands. Happy reading with my blog!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whose IRENE?

Hi, it's my first blog here in this website, I am so much excited writing a lot in my new blog.
Since it's my first blog in here, I wanted to share some little details about myself.

My name is Irene, 24 years of age. I am interested in reading, writing, listening to music, computers, books, psychology, dogs, health, foods and boys!!! hhahahah. I am single and perfectly happy with my status, I am enjoying myself and with my new career. I just got a job last february as a course consultant in a computer school here in Cebu. I worked in a call center industry for almost 2 years, A great job with great salary but to compensate that great pay of course you need to have a great STRESS lolz,. It's a great opportunity working in a call center since it really offers growth, and fun career where you can meet a lot of people from different walks in life. You will be able to meet different personalities and be able to interact with them. After I graduated from college, I got a job in a daytime but I am not happy with the salary that's why I tried to venture my career in a call center.

A fun experience though it needs a lot of endurance since your work is different. Sleeping in the daytime and working in the night time. Demands a huge stress and I want to give up!! I thought i can find another job that offers regular hours but time goes by and I just enjoyed my job in the call center so it lasted for 2 yrs. and i did not expect that I will stay that long period but time already came and I don't like what I am doing, it caused me to be an insomiac so I decided to stop and find another job who has a decent working hours.

So happy right now that I find that job! I met a set of great friends and very cool people. Even if the pay is not that much compared what i earned before but I can say that I am healthy and free from different aches. I still have lots to share in my life but I am sleepy right now. I will be back tomorrow. I am still looking forward to share a lot of topics and I can't wait to post it for you to read.

Thanks a lot! and Have a great day!


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