Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to buy authentic designer handbags

Most women are very interested in buying authentic handbags but the problem is the high cost expensive price and it can be very frustrating if you really wanted to buy the authentic LV bags, Channel, Hermes etc. These are one the examples of famous branded and expensive bags, but buying one of this authentic bag is very beneficial since you get what you paid for. They are made of quality bags which make them costly and the name itself is your buying a signature brand.

I myself is very fond of looking for branded bags. I can say that having one of this bags makes me feel complete, trendy and classy. I personally like the LV bags since the design and the color are classy and natural, very sophisticated and elegant. To have an authentic bag like this is worth investment for a lifetime. You can resell it online or anywhere since the brand is easily recognized and definitely you can sell it for a good price.

However, majority of the women will not intend to buy the authentic ones and opted to choose the imitation or fake ones like replicas, or triple- A bags which looks like closer to the authentic bags. These are the bags that save thousands of dollars. Fake bags copied the certificate, holograph and authenticity marks and yet they really look the same to the extent that you can’t determine which the authentic one is. I understand that lot of women did this due to the financial aspect. Majority cannot afford but would really like to get that designer bag.

This is a very tough decision to buy or not to buy an authentic designer bag. Buying the genuine one, is that you have to make it sure that you have all the money to buy it. Please think of it that having a real and genuine designer bag is worth investment than buying replicas. I didn’t say that buying replica bags are wrong it is that real one’s are worth keeping and a quality bag to have for a lifetime. Isn’t it a great feeling to have a bag that is genuine, made of quality material and great investments to start with that you can be proud of owning it? Remember that money doesn’t really matter if you own a quality and genuine. It makes you feel confident and proud to be an owner of it but if you don’t have money enough to buy the genuine then replicas are there to help you get the bags that you want.


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